Tuesday, July 7, 2009


art by Bill Jameson

The night like velvet laid in black
Across my eyes of bleeding smack
Where diamond stars explode in light
Of arms and veins and powder white

The necktie rope that squeezes time
Inside this length of life and crime
a fire that burns a blackened spoon
In flashing silence silver moon

Eclipsed by thoughts in splashing moves
Of broken winners left to lose
In rooms of darkened sunless space
Where horror gleams and has no face

The golden needle vomits red
Into the veins that rise half dead
To drink the liquid cum they crave
And masturbate upon their grave

To laugh in crying fits of sound
In scorn of doors to truth unfound
Insane yet sane beyond the rest
Who send no letters home, obsessed

With life as if it were a spot
To catch somehow before we rot
Goddamn this needle in my heart
That rips my screaming mind apart.

Bobby Jameson

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